Fortnite disables Motorboats in all game modes

Fortnite has disabled Motorboats from all its game modes due to an issue reported by players over the weekend.

Fortnite said it will provide an update once the problem is resolved.

Motorboats have been in the game for some time but have recently caused a variety of issues. The unlimited heal glitch has especially caused problems.

This glitch enabled the player to multiply any consumable item in their inventory to an unlimited quantity.  This was game-breaking as it allowed players to remain in the storm while using an unlimited supply of consumable items to remain alive until they inevitably outlasted their fellow players.  

Another issue related to Motorboats was a bug causing the vehicle to glitch through a waterfall resulting in the player being stuck outside the map. This was first reported by Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter.

Similarly, another glitch regarding Motorboats let players enter the waterfall slightly before emerging, allowing them to phase through objects and have an unfair advantage.

It appears all these issues have been noted and will be addressed in a future update, when Motorboats should make their return to the game. When that will happen still hasn’t been announced, however.