Benjyfishy accusation shows how easy it is to cry “teaming”

Cheating has been a hot topic in the Fortnite community but has ramped-up of late. The recent exposure of a competitive Fortnite player for using “soft aim” hacks in a tournament catapulted the topic to the forefront of every player’s mind. Now, whenever someone sees a clip of another player suspiciously moving their crosshairs, they immediately think that the player may be using third-party software.

“Teaming” accusations have been popping up for a while, now. Teaming is far from as bad as using aim hacks to win money, but it’s still a common form of cheating in competitive Fortnite. The problem is that it’s very difficult to tell when a player is teaming with someone else or just looking out for what’s best for them. We saw this perfectly embodied in the FaZe Dubs situation, last season.

With each Fortnite tournament that takes place, we see one or two high-profile pros accused of teaming with another player. This time, it’s one of the top players in the European region, Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish, that faces teaming allegations.

Benjy placed second in the first week of FNCS qualifiers over the weekend. One player he encountered didn’t take too kindly to how the pro reacted during an engagement – posting a clip of the incident to social media.

Thankfully, Benjy saw the clip and was able to defuse the situation before it went any further – laughing it off and explaining his thought process. It’s not a smart strategy to take every fight you encounter in a Fortnite tournament, and Benjyfishy knows this. He disengaged when two other players started fighting, and explained what he was thinking on-stream.

The player who made this video accused the player, “Bengraal-,” of attacking him and ignoring Benjyfishy. In the clip, however, you can clearly tell that Benjy heard the second opponent coming and sat still until he passed. Unless Bengraal was stream sniping, he should have no…