Launch The Ship Fortnite: Where to find and install Heat Shield, Thruster & Battery Pack Missing Parts

Here’s how to launch the ship in Fortnite along with how and where to find, collect, and install the missing Heat Shield, Thruster, and Battery Pack missing parts.

Epic Games have been adding secret missions/challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale including challenges relating to gnomes and coral buddies. These challenges provide a large chunk of season XP upon completion.

With the Fortnite map changes today, the ancient astronaut ship is available on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. That means there’s a secret quest/challenge that players can complete, and here’s a full guide on how to complete it.

Launch The Ship Fortnite Quest/Challenge/Mission

In order to start the launch the ship quest/challenge, you need to go to the Ancient Astronaut ship on the map. Here’s the location:

Ancient Astronaut Ship Fortnite Location

You’ll find the ship north east of Craggy Cliffs:

Ancient Astronaut Ship Location
Ancient Astronaut Ship Location

Collect and Install Missing Parts Fortnite

There’s no particular order in which you need to collect and install the missing parts of the ship for this launch the ship Fortnite mission. However, we have all of the missing parts and where to find and collect them below.

Collect and install Battery Pack

The Battery Pack missing part is the closest part to the Ancient Astronaut ship. You’ll find it in the water towards the south west side of the ship. Here’s the part and the mini map on the top right of the image so you know where to find it:

Find Collect Install missing battery pack
Find Collect Install missing battery pack

You can install it by looking at the top right side of the ship. It’ll then instruct you to install the battery pack as seen below:

Collect and install Thruster

This is probably the furthest missing part for the launch the ship quest. You’ll find it south of the ship lodged into the cliff. Here’s the location which you’ll have to build up to in order to collect:

Collect Thruster Fortnite
Collect Thruster Fortnite

Head back to the ship to install it. Here’s where you need to install it on the ship:

Install Thruster Fortnite