Where to find balls of yarn at Catty Corner in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Fortnite Chapter Two, season three continues to roll out content without delays and the seventh week of the season is upon us. Each week has brought challenges rewarding battle pass XP to players upon completion.

Weekly missions aren’t the only way to gain XP, however. Epic Games has also added a series of Secret Quests and Punch Card styled milestones. Grinding all three sources of XP should get you to the maximum level of this season’s battle pass in no time.

One of this week’s quests invites players back to Catty Corner to find balls of yarn. The challenge seems unrelated to this season’s lore, but knowing Epic, that could change in a matter of days. Once you make your way to Catty Corner, you’ll need to watch out for oversized balls of yarn, which aren’t that hard to detect.

Where are the balls of yarn at Catty Corner in Fortnite Chapter Two, season three?

Collecting three balls of yarn is going to be enough to complete the quest, but there seem to be four of them scattered around Catty Corner.

First ball of yarn – Screengrab via Epic Games

The first ball of yarn is located around the gas station. Make your way toward the back of the station and it should be next to the stairs.

Second ball of yarn – Screengrab via Epic Games

The second one is also in the gas station. You’ll need to navigate to the second floor of the gas station either via the first set of stairs you saw or by building yourself. There will be a locked door between you and the ball, however, and it requires you to either bring a Henchman with you or disguise yourself as one. You can also tear down one of the walls, but keep the nearby Henchmen in mind since they can laser you down when you least expect it.

Third ball of yarn – Screengrab via Epic Games

To get to the third ball of yarn, you’ll need to cross the street and go to the building complex that you can see from the gas station. Use the main entrance and take…