Fortnite Rapid’s Rest: How To Complete the Collect Stone from Rapid’s Rest Challenge

Here is where the Rapid’s Rest Landmark in located in Fortnite for Chapter 2, Season 3 to complete the collect Stone from Rapid’s Rest challenge.

Challenges are released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale and there are seven challenges that are made available every week on Thursdays. Completing these challenges will award you with 35,000 XP each, helping you to complete this seasons Battle Pass.

One of the challenges that for Week 7 of this season is to collect stone from Rapid’s Rest and in order to complete this, you will need to know where this landmark is located as it is not marked on the map.

Fortnite Rapid’s Rest Location

As previously mentioned, Rapid’s Rest is not marked on the map, so you may not know where it is located. When you come across different landmarks in Fortnite, you will see the name of it on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Rapid’s Rest is located east of Lazy Lake and northwest of Catty Corner, right by the river. We have marked the exact location of the landmark on the map below:

Fortnite Rapid's Rest Map Location
Fortnite Rapid’s Rest Map Location

Collect Stone from Rapid’s Rest

As soon as you have landed in Rapid’s Rest, you will see that there are many rocks in this landmark, making it extremely easy for you to collect Stone. In order to complete this challenge, all you need is to collect 300 of this material.

Fortnite Rapid's Rest Location
Fortnite Rapid’s Rest Location

Upon completion, you will be granted 35,000 XP. The other challenges for this week are quite easy to complete, but you may need some help on the Find balls of yarn at Catty Corner challenge. You can click here to get a guide on how to complete this challenge.