Cented calls for Epic to investigate pros using “soft aim” hacks

Cheating always seems to be a topic in the Fortnite scene – whether pros are being accused of using hacks, macros, or only some light teaming. There isn’t a tournament that goes by that doesn’t have one pro or another come out with a cheating allegation.

Fortnite opened the door to an entire new breed of pro players. The online solo competitions allowed anyone to compete, make a name for themselves, and rack-up hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings.

As we saw with people like Kquid and SerpentAU, this meant that players were able to make a name for themselves while cheating. Specifically, Kquid showed us that even some talented players aren’t above cheating to gain an advantage.

We’ve heard a ton of accusations levied at different pros in the community – both named and unnamed. After the SerpentAU debacle, multiple pros came out and talked about the rampant use of Macros that pros allegedly use for double-movement. Zayt even called out Tfue by name on Twitter and in a statement to us.

On July 30, Fortnite YouTuber ThatDenverGuy posted a news recap video of the day’s happenings. In the video, he covered a couple of tweets show pro players calling out others in the community for cheating. The tweet that sparked his and our interest was from Cented, who called on Epic to investigate players using “soft aim” hacks to help them hit their shots.

This is far from the first time that we’ve heard about cheating at the highest levels of the Fortnite community, and it probably won’t be the last. Fellow pro, Yung Calc, also posted a tweet that suggested pros could be cheating. “Just joined a discord where literal hacks are being sold, what if there are pros actually hacking?” he wrote.

We reached out to Calc and Cented for clarification on these…