The Best Fan-Made Concept Skins for Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s future-slapstick aesthetic might be one of the most consistent things about the game, outside of its addictive, madcap gameplay. Epic Games has shown that there’s little it won’t put into the game when it comes to cosmetics—dinosaurs, teddy bears, hamburger people, and more.

Epic’s willingness to let the game be as silly as it wants to be has opened up a lot of creativity from the game’s community. One of the most popular kinds of fan creations is potential skin concepts—and we’ve collected some of the most impressive ones here.


Image via @SneakyBroArt

This concept by @SneakyBroArt brings NICKMERCS to life in some amazing ways. The skin is upgradeable and the aesthetic perfectly fits Nick’s Spartan theming.

The Warden

Image via u/boomboxballarin

The storm is coming. Man, we really miss Game of Thrones. This skin, complete with a llama-head on the hilt of its sword pickaxe, would sate our thirst for blood, dragons, and political deception/decapitation.


One of gaming’s most popular and charitable personalities seems destined for Fortnite’s Icon Series. Seriously, Epic, make it happen. Everybody loves Lupo and everybody would love this dope skin concept by @TheFinalHoss.

Slurp Team Leader

Image via u/nollobandz

“Party hard…get dubs harder…” says it all for this skin concept, which perfectly matches the Party Animal pickaxe. This dude looks mean and lean and ready to pick up some victory royales.


Image via u/Kicker36

Who hasn’t found themselves watching the Food Network when they can’t sleep at night to find a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives marathon? Guy Fieri’s infectious and sometimes obnoxious behavior would be a great fit in Fortnite. Who wouldn’t love a mozzarella stick pickaxe?

Squirrel Scout

Image via u/SneakyParagon

This concept is awesome. It’d be hilarious to run around with a giant acorn pickaxe. The flying squirrel costume is just the icing on the cake.

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