Stack Shack Fortnite: Where is stack shack in Fortnite location

One of the week 6 Fortnite challenges requires players to know the location of Stack Shack in Fortnite. Here’s where you can find it.

The Fortnite week 6 challenges were released recently with a total of 7 new challenges for players to complete in order to level up quicker in season 3. The leaked challenges suggested we’d be getting cars in Fortnite today, but the car related challenge didn’t make the final set of challenges.

There’s also no new Aquaman challenges from here on, but there was a set of ancient astronaut challenges that were leaked from the v13.30 update.

One of the week 6 challenges requires players to know the location of Stack Shack as the challenge requires players to catch a weapon at Stack Shack.

Stack Shack Fortnite Location

If you’re not sure where Stack Shack is on the Fortnite season 3 map, fear not. You’ll find it off the west side of the map, north west of Holly Hedges.

Here’s the Stack Shack Fortnite location marked on the map:

Stack Shack Fortnite
Stack Shack Fortnite

There’s just one wooden shack at the location, and you’ll likely have a large number of players landing at the exact same location in order to complete the challenge.

Once you’re at the location, on one of the sides of the shack, you’ll see a barrel full of fishing rods. Search it in order to get a fishing rod and cast it out into the water.

Keep casting until you manage to catch yourself a weapon. This challenge should be pretty easy to complete, you’ll just need to watch out if you decide to complete the challenge right at the start of the match.

With water levels dropping tomorrow, we could see the “ancient astronaut” challenges being released along with cars. As always, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news, so be sure to turn on website notifications.