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Fortnite Season 3 looked to be the most active season of competitive Fortnite in recent memory – possibly ever. At the beginning of the season, we were set to have Ninja Battles, the DreamHack Open, daily Cash Cups, and the FNCS Solos competition to take us into Season 4. Ninja Battles is now on hiatus after Mixer’s shutdown, but the rest of the events are proceeding as scheduled.

This past weekend, we saw the biggest names in two of the most popular professional Fortnite regions, NA-East and EU, square off for their share of a $1.75 million prize pool. Ahead, we’ll give a quick recap of the competition as well as the top-ten finishers for each of the two regions.

NA-East results

NA-East saw Team Liquid’s Stretch take home the win with 446 points. Interestingly, Stretch was able to win the finals without winning a single game. His 19 eliminations and placement points were enough to earn him the victory.

FaZe Clan’s Dubs came in a close second with one more elimination and a win. He wasn’t able to keep up the same consistency in placement points that Stretch did, which is why he finished with only 392 points. Other popular names within the top ten include BuckeFPS at fifth and ZexRow at seventh.

BenjyFishy showed-out on high ping in the NA-East region, finishing at 28, three spots below Bugha at 25 and nearly 20 spots ahead of Clix at 41.

EU Results

Speaking of BenjyFishy, the NRG pro finished sixth in his home region, netting him a pretty penny for a few hours of Fortnite this weekend. The region’s winner was Teeq, followed by fan-favorite and 100T player MrSavage. The former won the competition on the back of placement points while MrSavage showed his skill with a whopping three kills per game and 24 overall eliminations.

Rounding out the top ten we have Grizi Snayzy, KamiFN, MerijnFreeze, BenjyFishy, TaySon, Decyptos, Anas, and Gambit Toose. Most of the other household names in EU, such as Mongraal, Crr, and Wolfiez, finished outside of the top 40.