Fortnite teases four new vehicles in latest update

Image via Epic Games

The latest update to Fortnite Chapter two, season three brings a plethora of new content into the game.

Part of the v13.20 update is the addition of new posters teasing vehicles that appeared in the season’s battle pass trailer, according to FortTory.

Since the trailer was released, many have speculated that these will be user-controlled vehicles added during this season.

FortTory shared the posters of the four vehicles along with their names.

The first is a small truck called the Bear. The truck looks slightly different in the poster as it did in the trailer, with the poster being a completely orange color while in the trailer it was orange and blue.

The second image is a much larger truck called Mudflap. One of the most standout parts of the battle pass trailer, seeing this truck inside the game looks to be one of the largest vehicles available in Fortnite history.

The third poster showcases a car called the Prevalent, which has a traditional look. This four doored orange colored vehicle is also seen in the trailer. 

The final poster shared is of a sports car called Whiplash. This is the first new vehicle we see in the trailer racing away from one of the Bear vehicles in pursuit.

While Fortnite has had a variety of different unique methods of transport, drivable cars are something that the Fortnite community has been asking for since the game began. It seems like this season will be the one they are finally available to use in the game.