Fortnite servers Status: Downtime and when the servers will be back

Here’s everything you need to know about the scheduled downtime for the Fortnite servers.

Epic Games have decided to skip a number in today’s Fortnite update. There was no v13.10 update released, but today’s update is v13.20. As usual, matchmaking was disabled 30 minutes prior to the servers going down, and the servers are currently down for maintenance.

Today’s update brings a brand new weapon to Fortnite Battle Royale, the flare gun. Not only that, it seems there’ll be an item that makes sidegrading weapons a lot easier. Epic have also teased a new “hero” skin that’ll be available in the item shop this week.

Fortnite Servers Status

The Fortnite servers went down for scheduled maintenance at 7 AM BST. Epic usually provide a rough time of when to expect downtime for the update to end, however, for this update there is no estimate.

Downtime for most major Fortnite updates don’t last for more than two hours. However, we’ll keep you updated with the latest status of the servers, so be sure to keep refreshing the page periodically we’ll update the status below as soon as they’re live.

Fortnite servers currently down – last updated 7:26am BST

In the mean time, feel free to check out all of our coverage on today’s Fortnite update by heading over to the homepage.