Captain America Fortnite skin arriving July 4, leakers say

One of the most iconic superheroes is coming to Fortnite for the celebration of independence in the United States, according to leakers. 

Captain America, one of the most iconic Superheroes in the Marvel franchise, is getting his own Fortnite skin later this week. Not only that, players will be able to use his nearly indestructible Shield to take down enemies, according to FortTory.

Considering Captain America is the culmination of American patriarchy, it’s fitting that the skin would be released on July 4. 

Although there aren’t any images of Steve Rodgers as Captain America, leakers found that the Marvel store files from previous seasons have been updated, which suggests that there’s a new skin on it’s way.

Players will likely be able to purchase the skin and back bling for around 1500 V-bucks, which is the same price as the Black Widow skin. 

If the leaks are accurate, Captain America will become the latest Avenger to be added to Fortnite. However, this suggests that other Marvel characters could be introduced in the future including Thor, Hawkeye, or Iron Man. 

Captain America isn’t the only superhero in Fortnite this season, however. Aquaman from DC Comics made an appearance in the Fortnite Chapter two, season three trailer on June 17, which players are able to unlock through challenges.

Some Avengers could have sneaked there way in already, however. Captain America’s buddy Thor could have been spotted by fans. Earlier today following the leaked v13.20 skins, players noticed that the Dad Bod Jonesy skin looked oddly familiar to Thor in Avengers Endgame.