How much money does Tfue make?

Most gamers are familiar with Tfue because of his Fortnite skills. Though both his Twitch and YouTube channels started taking off after the release of Fortnite, Tfue has been a part of the content creating scene for a long time.

Before moving onto gaming, Tfue was a frequent guest on his sibling’s YouTube channel, JOOGSQUAD, doing stunts and extreme sports videos. Tfue later created his own channel, uploading gameplay videos from games like Destiny, Call of Duty, and H1Z1

The 22-year-old talent later qualified for the Fortnite World Cup in 2019 and placed 67th in the Solo finals. His run leading up to the World Cup helped his channels grow even more and fans can’t help but wonder how much he makes off streaming. While there aren’t any reports of Tfue announcing his net worth and income officially, it isn’t hard to make an educated guess based on his viewership.

How much money does Tfue earn from streaming on Twitch?

Screengrab via Tfue

Streaming on Twitch opens the door for multiple sources of income. You’ll have donations, subscribers, ads, and sponsorship deals. While it’s almost impossible to know how much Tfue earns from his sponsors, advertisements, or donations, we can do a healthy estimation to guess the minimum amount he makes every month from subscribers.

Streamers unlock a subscription button when they meet Twitch’s conditions and become a part of its affiliate program. A new partner usually gets a 50-percent split for every type of subscription. Though Tfue hasn’t shared his split percent publicly, household names like LIRIK get $3.50 for each $4.99, so it’d only be fair to assume Tfue’s split rate is the same. There are three tiers of subscriptions on Twitch and a tier-one sub costs $4.99. To not leave out the higher tiers, we’ll also be using a similar formula and assume that Tfue gets a 70-percent split from each of them.

In addition to donations, ads, and sponsors, streamers also get paid to do sponsored streams. Some developers…