Leaked Fortnite skin bundle offers Ghost Chaos Agent, Wildcard & more

One of the major promises of the Fortnite Season 3 trailer involves cars – something that Fortnite players have been requesting since October when Chapter 2 began. When Season 3 released, however, cars were nowhere to be found.

Epic Games have confirmed that water levels will be lowering over the course of the season. It’s a fair assumption, then, that cars will enter the game once more land is visible on the surface. There are already cars in the game files, though, which means we know a bit about what to expect.

The first thing we know is that these cars will be the first vehicle in Fortnite to require fuel. Petrol will drop as an ammo type and we’ll be able to add it to cars to keep them going.

According to a tweet from FortTory, these cars will also spawn with a random amount of fuel already inside. You could luck out and get a full canister or need to refill after a short trip.

There also appears to be four different kinds of cars that we can use. In the game files, they’re listed as ValetSmall, Medium, Large, and DagwoodTruck. Each car will have a maximum capacity of 100 fuel except the ValetLarge, which will have 150.

The health of these vehicles will also go up by size. They’ll be 800 HP for small, 1,000 HP for medium, and 1,200 HP for large. We don’t have word on the health of the DagTruck, just yet.

Another interesting tidbit is that the number of vehicles in a match…