The 14 rarest gliders in Fortnite

Fortnite offers various forms of customization for its players: skins, harvesting tools, back blings, emotes, dances, and finally gliders. Each of these cosmetics items allows players to show a bit of personality and a sense of fashion.

Epic Games adds a ton of cosmetic items throughout Fortnite seasons. While the game has a color-based rarity indicator, which usually determines the price of an item, the color-coding has been long forgotten when it comes to availability. Most Fortnite players evaluate a skin’s rarity by how often it gets released within the in-game shop.

Some skins and gliders naturally become rare over time due to being available through Battle Passes and limited-time events. Others climb up to the rarity mountain as years pass by since they were last available in the shop. Gliders meeting these criteria are a great way to show off how long you’ve been playing Fortnite and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies while landing.

We’ve decided to feature a variety of both Battle Pass and limited-time gliders and the ones that have simply become rare over time.


Screengrab via Epic Games

Despite looking like a default glider, Raptor is currently the rarest glider that was available through the in-game shop. It hasn’t come back to the shop for almost two years now, and it isn’t clear if we’ll ever see this artifact of a glider ever available again.

Sir Glider the Brave

Screengrab via Epic Games

Some gliders do age like a fine wine. Though you’ll see a Battle Pass glider everywhere throughout its respective season, they start becoming rarer after the pass has been retired. Sir Glider the Brave was a reward for reaching the 35th tier of the season two Battle Pass.

Fighter Kite

Screengrab via Epic Games

This uncommon glider may resemble your first kite as a kid. Fighter Kite was released in 2018 and was available for purchase through the in-game shop for 500 V-Bucks. The glider was available again after eight months of its first release but…