The 12 best emotes in Fortnite

Fortnite allows players to choose from hundreds of different skin combinations to make their character look exactly how they feel. But another way players can customize their character to suit their playstyle is by using emotes.

The game has hundreds of options to choose from, including taunts, dances, and other event-themed options. Emotes are cosmetic upgrades and will not benefit the player in-game, however. But on some occasions emotes have been used to unlock mission objectives.

Emotes simply give the player a new way to express themselves on the battlefield. They can be purchased in the shop or earned from each seasonal battle pass.

While there are hundreds of emotes, this list features some of the best and most popular emotes in the game today.

Infinite Dab

Image via Fortnite Skins

One of the rarest emotes in the game, the Infinite Dab appears in the shop for 500 v-bucks on rotation. The emote has the player’s character enact the “dab” gesture switching between both sides. The dab is the perfect trash-talking tool to use once you have eliminated an enemy squad and are being spectated. This is an emote you’re going to want to have should you find it on rotation in the shop.


Image via Fortnite Skins

The dance made famous by “The Backpack Kid” made its way to Fortnite in the season two battle pass available at tier 49. One of the most popular emotes in the game, the Floss has risen in popularity and can be seen in several high profile places such as New Years’ Eve appearance in Times Square. The dance is perfect to taunt players with after securing a well-earned victory royale.  

Go Cat Go

Screengrab via Epic Games

The newest edition to the list, Go Cat Go is popular partly due to its ridiculous implementation on most player models. The emote was made to suit one of Fortnite’s newest characters Kit who is a cat riding on a robot. But when used on other characters, the emote causes them to fold their limbs and become a motorcycle themselves….