Fortnite data miner leaks what The Agency might look like after Doomsday event

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Agency has been a big hit in Fortnite since its introduction in Chapter Two, season two. But now, a data miner has revealed what the popular spot may look like after the rumored Doomsday event.

The Fortnite data miner shared some images in which the location is almost unrecognizable. The Doomsday device will seemingly have a big impact on the area, destroying much of The Agency and causing major damage to whatever is left standing.

The story behind the wreckage is unclear right now and fans will have to wait until the end-of-season event to find out. But the data miner has revealed that The Agency will likely play a key role in how the Doomsday event unfolds.

The data miner chose to render the building in Pleasant Park but it’s probable that the original Agency will stay in its current location during the in-game event.

The Agency probably won’t be the only location to experience some changes, though. While it’s likely that this won’t be the only location on the map that’s altered, it’s still unclear what exactly will happen during the event.

Fortnite Chapter Two, season three is scheduled to start on June 4. The Doomsday event will likely happen at some point before season two ends.