The last Fortnite update before Chapter 2, season 3 is coming out tomorrow

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite v12.61, which data miners are suggesting is the last update before the newest season, is set to release tomorrow.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, said earlier today that the v12.61 update will go live tomorrow with downtime beginning at 1am CT. This means that players will have to wait a bit to get back on the battle bus. 

Although the contents of the update are unclear, it’s likely that this is the last update before season three, which is set to release on June 4, according to data miner FortTory

The new update is also the last before the Doomsday event. Fans are speculating whether this event will set the course for season three, perhaps following a certain storyline or character. What we do know is that it has something to do with Midas. This event is set to begin on May 30. 

Alongside the update, fans can expect bug fixes, new cosmetics, perhaps weapons adjustments, and even some changes to points of interest to start shaping season three. The Doomsday event will likely create a sinister storyline, perhaps with some huge map changes, too. But this hasn’t been confirmed. 

Players can keep up to date with all planned bug fixes on the Fortnite Trello Board and can be notified of the downtime using the Fortnite Status Twitter account