Ninja launches new merch store featuring official Fortnite designs

Image via Ninja

Ninja introduced his new merchandise store at today featuring officially-branded Fortnite clothing designs.

Ninja’s new clothing offerings include hoodies, T-shirts, a windbreaker, and more. You can see a few options in the gallery below.

The merch is somewhat pricey, with T-shirts coming in at $40 and hoodies at $50 or more. It’s hard to argue against their design, though. They look pretty cool.

Ninja saw a meteoric rise to fame in 2018, right alongside Fortnite. He became the game’s biggest star as it rocketed into the mainstream, undoubtedly helped along by the night in March 2018 when he played the game with rappers Drake and Travis Scott and NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Now, it’s commonplace for pro gamers to team up with celebrities. Back then, though, it was a spectacle and Ninja amassed over 600,000 viewers to watch him team up with the mainstream stars. He, too, became a mainstream star himself not long after.

You can still catch Ninja streaming on Mixer or posting videos to YouTube.