Fortnite Loserfruit skin and ‘Fruit Punchers’ emote leaked

Update 5/22: Epic have addressed the issue that is preventing some players from refunding the glider. This will be fixed in the next patch.

Original article: In Fortnite v12.60, Epic made changed to the Dragacorn glider animation that made it easier to hit while in the air. For those who don’t know, the previous animation made it very difficult to shoot a player who was using it, triggering some valid pay-to-win complaints from the community.

As a result, Epic removed the glider from competitive playlists and, subsequently, adjusted the animation. It’s back in all playlists but looks a bit different.

Just like Epic did with the Plastic Patroller outfit, they allowed players to receive a refund for the Dragacorn glider after the change went through. There seems to be some confusion on how to redeem this refund, however.

All you have to do is go to settings > Account and Privacy (on the far right) > Submit a Request (the second option) > Dragacorn.

When you go to ‘Submit a Request,’ you’ll see all of the items that you’ve purchased in the last 30 days. The Dragacorn glider will not use up one of your three refund tickets, however. It should also work if you’ve already used all of your refunds.

At the time of writing, Epic have acknowledged a bug that is making it impossible to refund the glider for some players. They’re working on a fix and will have the refund ticket available when they address the issue. Sit tight if it happens to you.