Recon Expert Rare Fortnite skin receives a new skin style

Epic Games have added a brand new skin style for the rare Recon Expert Fortnite skin.

Epic Games announced the v12.60 Fortnite update yesterday, and the servers are currently down for scheduled maintenance with the last major update of the season rolling out to servers and platforms across the world.

During downtime, Fortnite data-miners search through the files to see what Epic have added in the update. Each major update sees new Fortnite skins and other cosmetics added to the files along with challenges, new weapons and more.

Data-miners have already leaked a couple of Fortnite skins that’ll be making their way into the game soon, but there aren’t as many skins as we’d usually see added in a major update. In most updates, there’s usually at least five or six skins, however, when there’s a holiday event coming up, or Epic are simply feeling creative, we can see more than eight new skins added to the files.

Both small and major updates also bring new skin styles for skins that have already been released in the Fortnite Item Shop. Epic began releasing new skin style for current skins some time ago and mentioned in a blog post that they’d continue doing so. We’ve seen a number of popular skins get new styles, some of which included masked on non-masked versions of skins, or simply different colored skins.

Today’s Fortnite update brings a new skin style for a skin that is extremely rare as it hasn’t been available to purchase in the item shop for some time.

Recon Expert Fortnite Skin

The Recon Expert Fortnite skin hasn’t been seen in the Fortnite Item Shop for 920 days, which makes it the rarest Fortnite skin ever released. Recon Expert has only been in the item shop two times, on October 30th 2017 and November 12th 2017 and was available for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Recon Expert is a Fortnite skin based on the stock/default skins that were randomly used if you had no skin selected prior to getting into a game during Fortnite Chapter 1.

New No-Hat Skin Style