New Fortnite Spy Games playlist Operation: Infiltration is an 8-vs-8 CTF mode

Epic Games revealed a new Fortnite Spy Games mode called Operation: Infiltration today for the second season of the battle royale’s Chapter Two.

It seems like a scatterbrained agent has left confidential intel cases all over the island and it’s up to you and seven other teammates to make sure they get back into the right hands.

The eight-vs-eight game mode requires you to encroach on your opponent’s turf and steal the intel case while simultaneously protecting your own. Lasting four rounds, you have to win three of them to guarantee a victory.

After each round finishes, players will accumulate intel that can be turned into special upgrades called Tech. Players earn more intel by achieving victory, with more being given for a round win and even more for a match win.

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Tech isn’t just a one-round special. Rather, it can be upgraded and will persist across all other Spy Games—even other modes. So there’s always something to look forward to even if you lose the round.

It’s unclear how long this game mode will be available in Fortnite.