How to refund the Dragacorn glider for free in Fortnite

When the Fortnite Icon Series was first announced, it mentioned Ninja, Loserfruit, and Grefg as the first Fortnite creators to get their own cosmetics in the game. Since then, we’ve seen Travis Scott added along with emotes for Pokimane and Jordan Fisher.

Ninja’s Icon Series bundle was set to be the first of many, but things started to slow down after the release of the creator-focused emotes. Did Epic forget about Grefg and Loserfruit?

With Fortnite v12.60, we learned that they did not. In fact, data miners found encrypted packs for a Loserfruit skin bundle in the game files. This will, reportedly, include a skin, back bling, and emote.

Data miner @Hypex released his findings on Twitter. According to him, the packs are encrypted but will likely be hitting the Item Shop soon. We can expect them as soon as this evening, although we may be waiting a day or two.

Fans of Loserfruit will likely be able to wear her Fortnite skin within the week. Now, all that’s left if Grefg, who has been waiting for a Fortnite bundle since the announcement of the Icon Series.

It will be interesting to see which creator is next. SypherPK stands out as someone who deserves a skin set. He’s a massive creator and someone who has stuck with Fortnite through thick and thin. Who do you think will be the next to grab a Fortnite skin? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.