Hatches Fortnite Locations: How and where to Swim over hatches at The Agency

Here’s how and where to complete the swim over hatches at The Agency for the ‘Storm The Agency’ Challenges.

In April, Epic Games announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is to be extended until June 4th. When Epic extended a season, as they have done for almost every season, they release additional challenges for players to complete in order to provide them with something to do prior to the next season starting.

Usually, we see Overtime challenges added which provide players with the chance to earn more season XP and unlock additional skin style for the Battle Pass skins. However, it seems like this season there’ll be no overtime challenges. We’ve had part 1 and 2 of Location Domination, and we have another set of challenges for this week.

In today’s v12.60 Fortnite update, dataminers leaked the ‘Storm The Agency’ challenges. Unlike the previous weekly challenges including the location domination challenges, there’s only five challenges to complete. The rewards however, are extremely good for how easy the challenges are.

One of the challenges requires players to swim over the hatches at The Agency. If you’re somehow not sure how to complete this challenge, we’ve got you covered.

Swim over hatches at The Agency Fortnite

We’re not quite sure why the challenge is called “swim over hatches” when the challenge only requires you to swim over one hatch, but at least it makes the challenge much easier to complete.

If you don’t follow Fortnite news much, or simply don’t land at The Agency often, you might not have noticed the hatches around The Agency. In order to complete this challenge, players simply need to swim over one of the several hatches to complete the challenge.

Here’s what the hatches at The Agency look like:

Fortnite The Agency Swim over Hatches
Fortnite The Agency Swim over Hatches

Here’s the exact locations where you’ll find the hatches at The Agency:

Swim over hatches at the agency
Swim over hatches at the agency