Fortnite Leaked Storm the Agency Free Rewards – Pickaxe, Wrap and Glider

Here are all of the Fortnite cosmetics you can earn for free by completing the Storm the Agency challenges. The free cosmetics include a Pickaxe, Wrap and Glider.

The v12.60 update is the latest update for Fortnite which is now available to download. In the majority of Fortnite updates new files are added, which are usually leaked by dataminers as soon as the update is available to download, providing Epic Games have not encrypted any.

It was expected that Overtime Challenges would be added in this update, however these challenges were not found by dataminers, but instead they had found a new set of challenges called Storm the Agency.


The storyline for Fortnite in Chapter 2: Season 2 is between the Ghost and Shadow Agencies and players can choose what style they want to choose for the Skins they get in the Battle Pass by completing challenges. Every two weeks, changes were made to the five new POIs that were added to the map, depending on players choices.

New challenges were leaked by dataminers which seems to wrap up the storyline called Storm The Agency. There are a total of five challenges for you to complete and completing these challenges will award you with different cosmetics. You can see the challenges by clicking here.

Storm The Agency Free Rewards

Even though there are only six challenges, there are three cosmetics that you can earn. You can see what cosmetics you will earn when you complete a certain amount of challenges.

  • The third challenge unlocks the Steel Shadow Pickaxe
  • Completing the fifth challenge unlocks the Shadow Seal Wrap
  • Completing any five challenges will award you with the Shadow Stalker Glider

Here is a closer look at all of the rewards you can earn.

Steel Shadow Pickaxe

Once you have opened three faction locked chests at different Spy Bases, you will earn the Steel Shadow Pickaxe. This cosmetic is of Rare rarity and has the description, “Strike from the shadow’s edge.”


Fortnite v12.60 Leaked Storm the Agency Reward - Steel Shadow Pickaxe
Fortnite v12.60 Leaked Storm the Agency Reward…