SypherPK claims that skill-based matchmaking is NOT in Squads

Fortnite’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has been back in the news in a big way of late, with Epic removing and reportedly re-enabling the system in Squads. Fans were generally happy to see SBMM go and disappointed when it returned.

The problem with Epic’s new SBMM-free matchmaking was the number of bots. SypherPK highlighted the problem in a couple of YouTube videos, even claiming that 60-90% of the players in some of his games were AI.

When Epic added SBMM back to Fortnite, some fans took to Twitter to blame SypherPK for persuading Epic on this front. Sypher was only showing people how many bots were in each game, but fans jumped onto the bandwagon with the hashtag “#f**kSypherPK.

Tfue discussed the topic of SBMM and bots during a recent stream. Like Sypher, he noticed how many bots were in Squads after the removal of SBMM. “Squads was trash without skill-based matchmaking,” he told his chat. “There was no players in your game!”

Via: Tfue Twitter

The streamer went on to sum-up Epic’s thought process with the removal of SBMM – seemingly accurately. “Fortnite’s like, ‘Oh, you want skill-based matchmaking removed? We got you. Let’s just fill the lobby up with f**kin’ bots, then the s**tters don’t get f**kin’ p**sed on and the sweaty players can think they’re good.’”

In response to his rant, one of Tfue’s viewers threw the trending hashtag into his chat: #f**kSypherPK. Tfue replied with similar aggression, “F**k SypherPK? How about f**k you, p***y. You suck. … You guys act like Sypher really has the f**kin’ power to change the game. Even I ain’t got that s**t.”

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Tfue appears to be right on all fronts, here. Sypher doesn’t have as much power as chunks of the community thinks he does. The former had a dead-on description of Epic’s thought process with the SBMM removal, as well….