Tfue stands up for SypherPK on skill-based matchmaking complaints

The reported return of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in Fortnite has whipped the community into a frenzy. Just when we thought that skill-based matchmaking was gone forever, Epic reportedly re-enable the system.

All of this comes from anecdotal evidence. Players feel as though they’re getting into more difficult games than they were a few days ago. At the time, however, there were far more bots in each lobby. Epic could have readjusted SBMM or, simply, added more real players. We don’t – and probably won’t – know for sure.

This is where SypherPK comes into the story. He was widely credited with helping trigger some of the positive changes we saw: nerfing Heavy Snipers, attempting to address aim assist, listening to the community, sending small patch notes, etc.

Epic made these positive changes after this video received some massive attention in the community. It might not be the sole reason that SBMM was removed, but the support on the video likely helped influence the decision.

When SBMM was removed, we saw a massive influx of bots in the Squads playlist. It’s often difficult to tell whether someone is a bot or just a bad player, but one of Sypher’s subscribers made a program to detect bots.

The program found that up to 90 players in each match were bots. This is a huge problem, as there’s not satisfaction in killing a bot who doesn’t build or barely defends themself. It’s not gratifying to win a game that’s populated with fake players.

Sypher made a couple of videos on this topic, including one with Ninja. The two discussed the idea of re-implementing SBMM into the game with a new, looser system. This could help reduce the number of bots, help new players, and keep the “old school” Fortnite vibe that everyone misses.

When players began to notice the reported reintroduction of skill-based matchmaking on May 11, Sypher became…