Epic announce Fortnite’s plans for next-gen consoles

Epic Games have truly brought the community back together with the v12.50 patch. Some of the biggest complainers on the internet are now praising Epic for the changes they made – and attempted to make – in the most recent Fortnite update.

Let’s begin with the aim assist “nerf” that doesn’t seem to be a nerf, at all. Early reports have it that little to nothing has changed with aim assist. UnknownxArmy even went so far as to say that aim assist is stronger in the v12.50 build.

The attempt at nerfing aim assist – even if it wasn’t successful – was enough of a gesture for many of the professional Fortnite players in the community.

Zayt, who has often been critical of Epic Games and is one of the premier aim assist haters on Twitter, praised Epic for their attempts at nerfing aim assist. He even went so far as to say that he thinks casual Fortnite players should have stronger aim assist than pros who “play 12hrs a day.”

That takes us into the Heavy Sniper nerf that so many players requested. Yes, it was a fun weapon to use, but a 150-damage body shot was far too powerful. Walking around with half shields and full health shouldn’t leave you vulnerable to death by a body shot.

The entire competitive community along with the bulk of regular Fortnite players love this change. The gun still one-shots builds and deals massive damage, but isn’t as overpowered as it was, just yesterday.

Now, let’s talk about communication – the primary complaint from every Fortnite player who pays attention to each update. No, there weren’t any official patch notes with this update. Epic did, however, email a list of changes to creators and influencers in the community.

This might get them some flak but it seems to be the best…