Secret Gnomes & Bears Fortnite Challenges continue

The secret Fortnite challenges continue as the subplot of Season 2 – the Gnomes and the Bears – continue.

As we await the Astroworld event and read leaks about the rumored Doomsday device, a secret Fortnite plotline is developing right under our noses.

A few weeks ago, Fortnite released some secret challenges that had players pointing telescopes and grabbing pots of honey. This was all for the Gnomes vs. Bears storyline that has been bubbling under the surface.

A couple of weeks later, we got a new chapter of the challenge. The gnomes had, apparently, imprisoned the bears. If you haven’t already, you can gain 15,000 XP by freeing the bears from their cell in the cabin near Weeping Woods.

Via: @iFireMonkey

This isn’t the last that we’ll see of this storyline, however. Data miner @iFireMonkey has found some additional details in the game files.

When these challenges first came out, there was a mention of a few more that we’d need to complete. At the time, there was no mention of the liberation challenge that’s in the game, now. Instead, it mentioned finding a strange mushroom, dancing with the mushroom, and repairing a broken mural.

We have yet to see these come into the game – at least, as far as anyone is aware. For all we know, this little guy has been hiding under a rock somewhere in Slurpy Swamp.

In the v12.40 patch, iFireMonkey found another string of discoverable challenges. These included the ‘Teddies Libearated’ challenge that was available when the patch went live.

Again, as far as we know, these challenges are not available. Since they’re secret challenges, however, we can’t be sure. It’s fair to assume that these challenges didn’t slip under the dedicated nose of…