Ninja, Myth, Bugha & more react to Deadpool’s roasts

Deadpool is taking shots at the Fortnite community on Twitter. Here’s how some of the biggest names have responded.

Deadpool came out of the gate, swinging. Not only did he take over Meowscles’ home and push him to the Box Factory, but now he’s taking shots at Fortnite streamers and pro players on Twitter.

Fortnite’s newest most-popular character responded to his announcement tweet by saying. “Time for a career change! Thinkin’ I’ll become a Fortnite creator. Doesn’t look that hard.” Several Fortnite creators took exception to this and started firing back.

Deadpool returned the serve from DrLupo, saying, “Thanks, Papa! Love you. <3 You’re way better than my real dad, even with that face.”

World Cup solo winner, Bugha, chimed in as well, telling Deadpool that he could be a World Cup winner. Deadpool gave him a nice burn for his efforts.

Myth got in on the action, too. “Just do what I do and dance every time you get a dub, you’ll be at the top in no time,” he wrote.

Ninja replied to Fortnite’s original tweet with a Deadpool quote. “Time to Grind!! Remember, defeat is the best teacher.”

Deadpool took exception to this and replied, “Duly noted, Sensei. BTW you’re not a real ninja.”

Jordan Fisher replied, as well, telling Deadpool to make sure he had a good mic. Deadpool spared Jordan Fisher from the burns – instead, complimenting his silky-smooth voice.

Ewok replied and asked for…