How to unlock Deadpool in Fortnite

Image via Epic Games

Deadpool is finally here in Fortnite, and you can equip his skin right now—if you’ve been doing the weekly Deadpool challenges.

A full set of Deadpool cosmetics are now on the Item Shop as well. It includes a glider, two emotes, and a harvesting tool, if you really want to deck yourself out in Deadpool gear.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The final challenge is a simple one, but finishing it will instantly equip the skin in-game. It’s a pretty awesome way to do it, too, so the Epic Games and Marvel partnership continues to flourish.

In the final set of Deadpool challenges, once you’ve found his two pistols, you will need to use a phone booth or portapotty to unlock the skin. They can be found all over the map, but the video below demonstrates exactly what you need to do.

As you can see, simply entering a booth or portapotty will literally give you the skin. When that game ends, you are greeted with confirmation to unlock or equip it.

Voila! You are now the merc with a mouth in Fortnite. Enjoy the skin and don’t forget to eat some chimichangas to celebrate.