Deadpool’s week 7 Fortnite challenges aren’t showing up for some players

Image via Epic Games

Deadpool’s final week of challenges in Fortnite has arrived, but some players are unable to see them for some reason.

Epic Games is available of the issue and says it’s investigating. For now, some might just have to wait until the problem is fixed. But others have been able to finish the challenges and play as Deadpool this morning.

Once the problem is rectified, the final two challenges include finding Deadpool’s pistols, and then using a phone booth or portapotty to switch into the outfit with ease.

A full set of Deadpool cosmetics is now in the Item Shop as well. It includes a glider, two emotes, and a harvesting tool if you really want to deck yourself out in Deadpool gear.

Stay tuned for more information from Epic Games to find out when the problem is dealt with and Deadpool can be unlocked.