Deadpool Fortnite takeover: map changes, Item Shop, animations & more

Deadpool is finally in Fortnite. Take a look at all of the map changes, Item Shop additions, and more.

It’s hard to think of a more popular skin to add to Fortnite than Deadpool. Epic told us about him when Season 2 came out. Seven weeks later, he’s finally in the game.

Of course, Deadpool isn’t just any secret skin. He’s coming in HOT. Deadpool took over The Yacht, The Item Shop, the Battle Bus, and the Supply Drops.

The Yacht is Deadpool’s biggest mark on the game. Anyone who followed the leaks knew this was coming. Deadpool is hosting a massive party at The Yacht. It will probably be a deadly one, however, with the number of players landing there.

Interestingly, you can unlock the Deadpool skin even if you haven’t completed any of the previous challenges. If you visit the DJ booth at The Yacht, you can also grab the Freestylin’ lobby track for free.

Your biggest question might be: what happened to Meowscles? He’s the big loser in all of this. He lost his home at The Yacht.

Meowscles was relocated to the Box Factory beneath Mount Kay. As many predicted, he’s now a Shadow agent.

Deadpool took control of the Item Shop as well, bringing us a new cosmetic pack to buy individually or as a group.

These cosmetics include a new rideable glider, a new pickaxe, and a couple of Deadpool-specific emotes. The ‘Scootin’ emote is probably going to be a big seller.

Another couple of map changes include Supply Drops and the Battle Bus. Deadpool took control of these, as well. You’ll notice this as soon as you drop in.

Here’s a look at the Battle Bus and Supply Drops. Data miner @Spedicey1 got a glimpse of them, early.

Via: @Spedicey1
Via: @Spedicey1

So, there you have it. These are all of the Deadpool Fortnite map changes that you can…