Interesting Midas glitch found in Fortnite Creative Mode

One Fortnite player discovered an interesting – and possibly significant – glitch involving Midas and Stink Bombs.

Midas is shaping up to be the most important character in Fortnite Season 2. Sure, Meowscles is what everyone came for, but Midas seems to be the one making all of the moves.

Recent Fortnite leaks revealed that Midas appears to be behind a doomsday device that could be hitting the island in the next two weeks. More recently, data miners found his intro, showing that he’s been collecting the helmets of his foes from past seasons.

It’s growing increasingly clear that Midas is the bad guy in all of this. Why else would you have a gilded collection of popular Fortnite skins in your Agent Room?

It’s well documented that everything Midas touched turns to gold. It’s a piece of real-world and Fortnite lore.

In fact, it can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to figure out the rarity of weapons on the ground. A Blue Pump and a Green Pump look awfully similar when they’re both dipped in gold.

This interesting glitch has to do with the gold mechanic of Midas. One Fortnite player jumped into a Creative Mode match to see what would happen with vaulted items like the Stink Bomb.

What they found didn’t disappoint. Not only do you turn the Stink Bombs gold, but their clouds, as well.

I jumped into my own Creative server to test this for myself. Sure enough, all of the stink clouds were gold with the same strange shape.

Interestingly, this bug didn’t happen until I started the game. The stink clouds appeared to be normal the pregame. When the game got started, however, you got this:

This is a cool bug, but it’s unclear if it has any significance. Is there a reason that Stink Bombs turn into gold balls? Why would Epic add such a feature if Stink Bombs aren’t in the game?

Stink Bombs are likely one of the items that will eventually return to Fortnite. Midas will still be here if and when they do, and you’ll start to see these gold balls in regular…