How to unlock the long-awaited Deadpool Fortnite skin

Take a look at the Deadpool pistol locations and finally unlock the long-awaited skin.

Deadpool might be the most anticipated skin in the history of Fortnite. Epic told us, right away, that Deadpool would be the Fortnite Season 2 secret skin. After a long wait, it’s finally here.

The skin will release on April 3, 2020. Deadpool confirmed this on Twitter, along with verifying the leaks that he’ll be taking over the Yacht when he comes out.

We only have two more challenges to complete before we can unlock Deadpool. First, we’ll have to find his pistols in the lobby.

For some reason, certain players were experiencing glitched lobbies that enabled them to see the Deadpool pistol locations early. The first can be found in the main Battle Pass screen. It’s hard to miss.

Rumors have it that the second pistol will be found in Meowscles’ locker, although we can’t confirm this just yet. Most of the time, the leaks are correct, however. Check back when the challenges go live for confirmation.

After that, unlocking Deadpool will be as simple as visiting a pot-a-potty or phone booth. These are located all over the map and shouldn’t be hard to locate.

Keep in mind, the phone booths don’t spawn in Team Rumble. You can still find a few port-a-potties around the map in this mode.

Finally, you have Deadpool. Next week, we’ll be getting a couple of more challenges to unlock his unmasked variant. Happy hunting!