Tfue and xQc react to FNCS cheating scandal

More streamers and pros have weighed in on the recent Fortnite FNCS cheating scandal, including Tfue and xQc.

The competitive Fortnite community erupted over the weekend when a video surfaced of the top two duos on the FNCS Week 1 competition colluding with one another.

The teams of Kreo/Bucke and Keys/Slackes both landed Slurpy Swamp for the free shields. In every FNCS game – including the warmups – they used the free shields to get Storm Surge tags on one another without ever killing the other team.

The professional community was quick to react to the situation and, surprisingly, so were Epic Games. The issued a swift 60-day competitive ban for all four players, breaking the previous precedent of two weeks for XXiF and Ronaldo during the World Cup.

Tfue reacted to the ban on his stream, saying that he agreed with the people who said that 60 days was too long. He quickly followed this up with, “If they only did it for one game. But they f***ing did it for, like, nine f***ing games in a row! Like, what the f**k?”

On Twitter, popular streamer and Overwatch pro, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel sub-tweeted the situation. He didn’t mention anyone by name, but it was clear what he was talking about.

“You know it’s a dark timeline for competitors when their peers start defending cheaters,” he wrote. “Competitive integrity is the very foundation of everything we have from tournaments to salaries, prizepools, live events etc. Stop taking these things for granted.”

xQc was likely talking about people like Clix, who defended the banned players on Twitter by saying that Epic acted too quickly and that 60 days is too long.

Apart from the few exceptions, however, the overwhelming sentiment was…