Is Oro the real Fortnite Season 2 ‘secret’ Battle Pass skin?

A lot of fans have been wondering why the leaked Fortnite Oro skin hasn’t been in the Item Shop. It could be because it’s a part of the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass.

The leaked Oro skin was the first piece of information that we had on Chapter 2 Season 2. We saw him leaked before the season even started, and assumed he’d be an integral part of the storyline.

When Season 2 released, however, we saw that he wasn’t a part of the Battle Pass. Not to worry, we thought, he’ll be in the Item Shop within the first week.

It’s now into the sixth week of Season 2 and Oro has yet to grace us with his presence. Where is he? Why haven’t Epic put him in the Item Shop? What are they waiting for?

The Fortnite v12.21 content update was incredibly small. We’re used to patches that address some Fortnite bugs, but this one didn’t even do that. All of the bugs listed on the Trello board are still there, with nothing new coming to the game.

If you don’t follow the Fortnite leakers on Twitter, you’d think that the patch did nothing. There was one thing that changed, however. Epic added challenges to the leaked Oro skin, along with an unlockable pickaxe and weapon wrap as rewards.

What’s more, is that these challenges earn you 100,000 XP for completing each. This could be a placeholder; but what if it isn’t?

Via: @iFireMonkey

Fortnite has avoided the ‘pay-to-win’ tag at every turn. They quickly patched the Plastic Patroller skins that allowed you to blend into the landscape, fixed a bug that had some pickaxes dealing more damage, and changed the Deep Dab emote when it was letting you ghost-peak windows.

They would never add a skin and challenge set to the Item Shop that allowed players to earn a combined 400,000 XP. This has to be a placeholder, right?

Not necessarily. Epic have been the subject of some criticism due to their lack of XP this season. Maxing-out the gold variants of the Battle Pass skins seems next to impossible, but we could be getting a boost.