How to complete every challenge for Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2, week 6

The Fortnite Chapter Two, season two, week six challenges were previously leaked by data miner iFireMonkey.

This week’s challenges will make up part two of Meowscles Mischief following last week’s kick-off to the set of tasks. Here’s what you need to know about these leaked challenges.

How to complete every Fortnite challenge for week six

Search chests at Frenzy Farm or Steamy Stacks (10 times)

To complete this challenge, players must simply visit Steamy Stacks or Frenzy Farm, which are both located in the northeastern portion of the map. 

Steamy Stacks has 23 chest spawns, most of which are located inside the powerplant buildings. Steamy Stacks is a great location for finding a lot of chests and it typically isn’t too heavily populated due to its location toward the edge of the map.

Frenzy Farm has 21 chests, but those chests are spread out. The big house in the middle of Frenzy Farm is a good place to find chests, but remember other players will be completing their challenges too. It might be a good idea to drop at one of the outer buildings, even if it means finding fewer chests. It’s fine to take multiple trips.

Deal damage to players using Assault Rifles (1,000 damage)

Most players are going to complete this challenge throughout the normal course of play. Simply shoot other players using assault rifles. If you’re struggling to complete this challenge, we have questions about your playstyle.

Search a chest within 10 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (10 times)

This challenge is best completed by dropping at an area that you already know most of the chest spawns. Pleasant Park, for example, typically features chest spawns in the attics of the many suburban houses that make up the location. Landing on a roof there in Pleasant Park is a pretty surefire bet to get a chest within 10 seconds. This challenge won’t be too difficult if you go into the game intending on opening a chest you’re already familiar with.

Deal damage to players while riding…