Dmo sites lag and competitive landscape as reasons for quitting Fortnite

Dylan ‘Dmo’ Moore has released a statement, officially quitting Fortnite. He sited lag and other reasons for the shift.

Fans of former Ghost Gaming player, Dmo, may have been wondering why he hasn’t been streaming or competing of late. He hasn’t loaded up a stream since 2019 and missed out on the recent FNCS competition.

Dmo was, for a long time, a staple of the competitive Fortnite community. He was one of the early pros in the game with the likes of Chap, 72hrs, and Nate Hill. For those who haven’t been paying close attention, though, he seems to have disappeared from the scene.

Via: Ghost Gaming

On March 22, Dmo released a statement via TwitLonger that announced his retirement from competitive Fortnite and, seemingly, Fortnite as a whole.

“As I said I quit playing competitive Fortnite,” he wrote. “I never really made a statement about this as I was pretty jaded about the whole thing. For the most part, it had to do with what the game is competitively.

“Throughout my career, there is only one tournament that I played that wasn’t a complete joke (Secret Skirmish) with the amount of lag that is still plaguing competitive to this day.”

Dmo went on to say that he began to dislike Fortnite over time. “For people always asking why I didn’t stream, the reason was I felt no one wants to watch someone play a game that they don’t enjoy. Not sure what’s next for me but its been fun.”

The pro also sited “other reasons” that he didn’t want to get into, and signed off by thinking Bizzle, Alphacord, and his fans. In the PS, he told organizations to sign former Ghost Gaming teammate Thwifo and former TSM member Cloud.

It remains to be seen whether or not Dmo will move to another game like Warzone or Apex Legends, but his over 20,000 Twitch followers will undoubtedly watch whichever game is next for him.