Deadpool Fortnite Skin – How to get it and when will it be available to unlock (release date)

Here’s everything you need to know about the Deadpool Fortnite skin including how to get it and the release date to unlock the highly anticipated skin.

The week 5 Deadpool Fortnite challenges were made available yesterday with the usual two challenges being released. Every time a new set of Deadpool challenges are released, the hideout changes with objects being added and removed.

If you’re still behind on some of the challenges and need help completing them, check this list here where you can find a guide to the challenges that require one. With the release of the week 5 challenges, we now know when the Deadpool Fortnite skin will be available to unlock. Here’s everything you need to know about the skin.

How to get the Deadpool Fortnite Skin

If you want to unlock the Deadpool Fortnite skin, you’ll need to complete all the challenges that are released. So far there’s ten challenges available to complete, most of which can be completed within a minute.

Deadpool Fortnite Skin
Deadpool Fortnite Skin

Players can only unlock the next week of challenges by completing the previously unlocked challenges. In order to get the Deadpool skin, you’ll need to complete all the challenges released.

According to a leak, once you’ve completed the set of challenges when the Deadpool Fortnite skin is supposed to release, you’ll then unlock another challenge for the skin itself. There’s a possibility the reward for completing this skin challenge is an edit style.

When will Deadpool be available to unlock (release date)

If you’ve completed all of the previous weekly challenges for Deadpool, you’ll unlock the week 5 challenges. Once you’ve unlocked the week 5 challenges, you’ll notice the hideout has changed and Deadpool is back playing Fortnite on the computer.

If you look closely at the back wall in the toilet stall, you’ll notice that there’s a calendar on the wall that you can interact with. This calendar provides the release date that players will be able to get the Deadpool…