Tfue explains the “worst thing that Fortnite has ever done”

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney explains why removing traps was the “worst thing that Fortnite has ever done.”

Epic made a decision that surprised most Fortnite players in Season 2: they removed Spike Traps from the game. Traps were an integral part of Fortnite since the beginning. They’ve gone through nerfs and buffs, but have always been a part of the game.

Season 2 changed that. For the first time, players were unable to use traps as a defense against opponents who love to jump into their boxes. Before the removal of the item, the W-key killers would have to think twice before phasing through a wall. Now, there’s hardly any downside to this playstyle.

Most players agreed that traps were far too powerful. Getting hit by a 150-damage trap would kill any player short of that health mark, and they didn’t take a ton of skill to use.

Some Fortnite pros were asking for a substantial nerf or even the removal of traps. Epic answered these calls when Chapter 2 Season 2 dropped.

This small change to the game allowed some players to completely change their playstyles. Now, you can jump into a box without much hesitation.

This happened to Tfue during a recent stream, which triggered a rant in which he called the removal of traps the “worst thing that Fortnite has ever done.”

In response to a viewer who told Tfue that traps were terrible for the game, the streamer said, “Why? It literally prevented dumba** kids from jumping in your box. It’s literally the meta nowadays – just braindead people jump in boxes.

“God, this game has gotten so f**king cringe, holy f**k,” Tfue continued. “This game used to be so much fun.

The removal of traps was, certainly, controversial. Most Fortnite players would agree that 150 damage was too high, but the removal of traps causes the problem that Tfue described.

The aggressive spray meta of Season 2 is different than what we’ve seen in the past. Now, players won’t think twice about jumping into your box and challenging you to a…