Controller pro slams players who complain about aim assist

Fortnite controller pro and Simon Cup winner, Bugzvii, blasts mouse and keyboard players who complain about aim assist.

Fortnite was the first game to effectively bridge the gap between the PC and console players, which is a huge step in the right direction. An unfortunate byproduct of this cross-platform world is toxicity between those who use different inputs.

Players who use mouse and keyboard have – and always will – complain about aim assist on controller. Controller players, on the other hand, argue that it’s much easier to aim, edit, and (in some cases) build while using a mouse and keyboard.

Each day gives us a new take on the M&K vs. controller debate, with no end in sight. There are plenty of clips that show the power of aim assist, along with clips of PC players showing-out on their platform.

The most recent Fortnite pro to weigh in on the debate was Bugzvii, a controller player and the winner of the Simon Cup. He explained how “easy” it is to use a mouse and keyboard, then demonstrated his point while 1v1ing a viewer.

Bugz, clearly, doesn’t have a ton of experience using mouse and keyboard. He didn’t even know his bind to switch to his AR – something that’s relatively common for those who switch inputs. Still, he beat his viewer and displayed the superior aim of mouse and keyboard.

“If it was so hard, then I wouldn’t be able to kill him, right?” Bugz said before eliminating his opponent. “I don’t know my AR button, and I’m still killing him by just pointing and shooting.”

As a controller player, myself, it’s impossible to argue that there aren’t some overpowered elements of aim assist in Fortnite. Close-range fights with an SMG will always favor controller players, but that’s not the case with the shotgun.

Aim assist is helpful, but it’s much easier to get the fat 200-pumps while using a mouse. Players who have switched from controller to mouse and keyboard will be the first to tell you that.

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