Suprise Fortnite hotfix nerfs C4 in Arena

A surprise Fortnite hotfix has nerfed one of the most powerful items in Fortnite: C4

Anyone who plays Fortnite competitively – or even follows the competitive community – knows that C4 is one of the more controversial items in the game. It can even wreak havoc in solo games when it’s in the hands of an experienced player.

C4 in the competitive meta was a problem. The item was listed as Epic rarity, but it was far more common than other Epic items like Scars and Rocket Launchers.

Players were calling for C4 to be removed since Season 2 first began. With v12.20, Epic took the first step in nerfing the item, increasing the trigger time between different charges. This made defending against C4 a tad easier, but not much.

On March 19, Epic released a surprise hotfix that implemented a much more substantial nerf to the item in competitive Fortnite modes. C4 is now rarer than it was and drops one at a time instead of in stacks of three.

The competitive community is, undoubtedly, happy about this change. Some players will still call for the item to be removed, but this nerf makes them next to useless when coming across one at a time.

Most players would rather carry three grenades – a common item – than one C4 in hopes that they’ll find more. The only things left on the competitive community’s ‘vault list’ are Heavy Snipers and the mythic Grappler.