How to consistently throw Grenades in Fortnite

Are you having trouble hitting your max-distance Grenades? Here’s how to land those grenades more consistently.

Grenades were always an under-utilized tool during Chapter 1. There were always other options in a competitive setting that players would rather carry over Grenades. We know how powerful the Stink Bombs were, after all.

When Epic released Fortnite Chapter 2, they scaled everything down. This meant fewer weapon types and only a single explosive in the roster: Grenades.

This shift caused Fortnite players to appreciate the Grenades more than they had before. Epic even had to nerf the stack size once players started to figure out how to properly use the grenades.

As you can see from the clip, above, pro Fortnite players seemed to have mastered the Grenade toss, but that’s not the case for everyone. Many of us have heard of the ’65-meter Grenade,’ but didn’t know how to make use of all of the different distances.

Reddit user u/Luuu90 created a brief tutorial that described how to throw the perfect grenade from any distance. He explains it for everyone having trouble hitting their Grenades in the past.

Grenades aren’t as prevalent as they were in Season 1. C4 is far more powerful than Grenades are, but it’s still common to see players running Grenades as their explosive weapon.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to eliminate some players without them being able to do much. You can’t easily defend against this kind of attack.

Some players already know about this tactic, but those who don’t can now learn. Hopefully, this tutorial will bring you a few free eliminations.