Fortnite Locations: Where To Visit Shipwreck Cove, Yacht, and Flopper Pond

Here’s the Fortnite locations of where to visit Shipwreck Cove, Yacht, and Flopper Pond for the week 5 Fortnite Challenges.

The Fortnite week 5 challenges for chapter 2 season 2 will go live at 2pm UTC. However, we know the challenges ahead of time as dataminers leaked them from Tuesdays v12.20 patch update.

This weeks challenges are for the Meowscles skin that’s available to unlock in the Battle Pass this season. The official name of the challenges are Meowscles’ Mischief. One of the challenges requires players to visit three different landmarks and named locations. The locations you’ll need to visit to complete this challenge are Shipwreck Cove, Yacht, and the Flopper Pond.

Here’s a quick guide outlining where you can find these locations on the season 2 Fortnite map.

Visit Shipwreck Cove, Yacht, and Flopper Pond

Shipwreck Cove Fortnite Location

Most players won’t know where Shipwreck Cove is located on the map as it’s a landmark location that doesn’t show on the map. It’s also not a location you’ll see players drop at the start of a game or even visit during a game due to it’s location.

You’ll find Shipwreck Cove on the south east side of the map. It’s near the snowy mountains that are south of Retail Row. It’s located at the bottom of a cliff by the water as seen below on the Shipwreck Cove Fortnite location map and in-game image:

Shipwreck Cove Fortnite

Shipwreck Cove Fortnite Map Location
Shipwreck Cove Fortnite Map Location


You’ll already know where this is located on the map. The Yacht was added at the start of this season and can be found marked on the map. It’s located on the north east side of the map.

Flopper Pond Fortnite Location

There were a few challenges last season that required players to visit or land at the Flopper Pond Fortnite landmark. If you’ve forgotten where it’s located, you’ll find it north east of Holly Hedges.

If you zoom into the map, you’ll see the Flopper Pond location. Here’s an in-game screenshot and map location of Flopper Pond:

Flopper Pond Fortnite
Flopper Pond Fortnite
Flopper Pond Fortnite Map Location