EpikWhale is the first high-profile Fortnite pro to switch to controller

Fortnite pros have mentioned switching to controller in the past, but Shane ‘EpikWhale’ Cotton has committed to the shift.

The topic of Fortnite aim assist has blown up over the past few months, and it’s something that continues to come up day after day.

The bulk of pro Fortnite players use a mouse and keyboard, but some high-profile controller players are rising the ranks as well. Players like UnknownxArmy, Aydan, and Scoped have made some noise against the top players in the game.

The loudest collective voice on the aim assist topic is the former group, however: keyboard and mouse players. There are constant clips of this group complaining about the power of aim assist. The argument from the other side is, “If it’s so powerful, why don’t you switch?” Well, one of them has.

A lot of mouse and keyboard players have flirted with the controller. Some have even switched to a controller mid-fight to utilize the aim assist. The only high-profile Fortnite pro to actually make the switch, however, is NRG’s EpikWhale.

The third-place winner in the Fortnite World Cup tweeted that he’d switch to controller after the DreamHack tournament. When he got home, he did just that.

Not only did EpikWhale switch, however, but he committed to the switch. He’s playing in tournaments, running around without a shotgun, and jumping into boxes left and right.

EpikWhale started his controller journey on Legacy but has since switched his sensitivities with the news of the removal of his setting – something that still hasn’t happened, by the way. He’s a hybrid player (meaning he uses both inputs) but has been using the controller more often than not, of late.

Recently, EpikWhale announced that he’s teaming up with another popular controller player, WavyJacob. This appears to be his doubling-down on the switch to controller.

It’s interesting to see a high-profile Fortnite…