OP Fortnite farming bug lets you easily max-out your metal

This Fortnite bug gives players maximum metal in one location. Find out how to use it before it’s fixed.

It’s no secret that there have always been bugs in Fortnite. Many of them make the game more difficult to play and enjoy.

Once in a while, though, we encounter a bug that’s actually positive for players. That’s what we have, here: a bug that makes Fortnite easier for those who know about it.

Farming is one of the more tedious elements of Fortnite. It isn’t too bad to whack some trees while rotating to your destination, but it can often be stressful if you don’t have enough materials.

Epic Games

Metal is, typically, the most difficult resource to acquire. You can find a few cars and trucks scattered around the map, but there are only a few designated locations that allow you to max-out.

Well, a few players have noticed a bug at the Shadow safe house to the east of Frenzy Farm. There’s an invincible gas pump, here, that you can smack until you have maximum metal.

This is an obvious bug and something that Epic will undoubtedly patch in the future. There are a host of other issues, however, that are far more pressing than allowing a few players to reach maximum metal in a couple of minutes.

This will get patched – probably in the next game update – but you’re free to use it until then. This safe house has now become one of the better places to land in Arena mode.