New consumables found in the v12.20 game files

Data miners found several new Fortnite consumables listed in the v12.20 game files.

The addition of natural consumables like mushrooms and apples was a huge quality-of-life improvement to Fortnite. They’ve been in the game for so long that many players never played Fortnite before they were introduced.

Mushrooms, in particular, offered players a way to increase their shields without relying on luck. Back in the Chapter 1 days, you could land at Lonely Lodge and get 100 shields without ever drinking a potion.

Since then, Epic has added and removed several other consumables. We still have the coconuts, which heal for five HP or shield. Items like the bananas and peppers from Chapter 1 are now, safely, inside the vault.

Data miners found some new and returning consumables, however, in the v12.20 game files. The apples, coconuts, and mushrooms are still there, as are the possible return of bananas and peppers.

Listed under these familiar consumables are three new ones: cabbage, corn, and something called ‘Apple Sun.’

We have no idea what any of these will do, but they might not all revolve around giving us health. The peppers, after all, increased our movement speed for a duration of time. The cabbage or corn could do something similar.

The really interesting part of all of this is the Apple Sun. According to @iFireMonkey, this consumable will allow you to jump or deploy, in some fashion.

My best guess is that these will give us a super-jump ability, similar to the Hop Rocks back in Chapter 1. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with these and if they have anything to do with the Spy Games LTM.