Fortnite leak reveals official Lachlan Fortnite Fashion Show

The days of the Fortnite Fashion Show aren’t behind us, just yet. It appears as though there might be an official Fashion Show event.

Fortnite has always been one of the most innovative and evolving games that we’ve ever seen. By comparison, Chapter 2 Season 1 was dead.

It’s funny to think that they had just as many – if not more – updates as Apex Legends did during that time, but the Fortnite player base has been spoiled with constant content for 2+ years.

During this time, Fortnite content creators were grasping at straws, trying to find something that would get them YouTube views. The answer presented itself in a novel idea: Fortnite Fashion Shows.

Australian streamers x2Twins popularized the new mode of making content, and the rest of the community ran with it. Before you know it, creators were hosting weekly Fashion Shows for their fans and Lachlan announced a Fortnite Fashion Show World Cup.

Lachlan’s first Fortnite Fashion Show World Cup was a duo competition. The YouTuber hosted several qualification matches to determine who would move on. Eventually, SypherPK and Ali-A took home first prize.

When Chapter 2 Season 2 came out, Fashion Shows were the first content type to go. Viewers started to drop as more interesting Fortnite content presented itself.

Fast-forward to the v12.20 patch; it appears that Epic is reinvigorating the Fashion Show idea. Data miners found mention of an official Lachlan Fashion Show in the game files.

Back when he hosted the duo Fashion Show World Cup, Lachlan announced that he’d be hosting a trios competition in the future. That was the last that we had heard of it.

Well, speculation has it that this Fashion Show will be…