Leaked skins and cosmetics in Fortnite v12.20 update

The v12.20 Fortnite update is live, bringing helicopters and more, and as always, the data miners have been digging through the game files to uncover all the new skins and cosmetics being added.

There’s a host of new skins that have been added with this update, still part of the ‘Top Secret’ Agents theme for Season 2.

Additionally, new cosmetic items like backbling, pickaxes and weapon wraps have also been found in the game files, including a Deadpool wrap, possibly the reward for this week’s Deadpool challenge.

These skins have been leaked courtesy of reliable data miner Lucas7Yoshi, who has uncovered these new skins for the Agent theme, possibly having a role to play in the upcoming Spy Games LTM.

Leaked skins in v12.20

There’s also three new ‘slurp’ skins, featuring slurp versions of classics like Jonesy and Bandolette.

Leaked wraps in v12.20

Five new wraps have been leaked, including the exclusive Deadpool weapon wrap. It’s likely this will be the reward for completing whatever the Deadpool challenges are for this week.

You can also see the loading screen for this week here too.

Leaked Pickaxes in v12.20

Pickaxes are a must with any new cosmetics, and it looks like some of these new ones will match the skins leaked in this update too. The Double Dagger set might be the perfect fit for ‘Crimson Elite’ or ‘Scarlett Commander’.

Leaked Backblings in v12.20

Finally, six new backblings have also been leaked, which also suit the new skins.

These leaked cosmetics should be added to the game officially soon, either through the item shop, or as challenge rewards.

However, some leaked content in the past has taken quite some time to actually be available, so there’s no guarantees about when these skins and cosmetics will arrive in Season 2.